Math - ELA challenge grant

It has been brought to our attention that the Math test contains many
very specific vocabulary words that are not in common usage by our
students. This creates a situation where a student who has a natural
affinity for Math and numbers can sometimes be thrown off by the
specialized vocabulary. We think that the collaboration between the
disciplines of Math and ELA can help remedy this situation with the
creation of innovative lessons that will give our students the tools to
become successful in this area.

We are offering grants of up to 500 dollars for a Math – ELA

The funds can be used for planning time, the purchase of materials or
coverage pay for collaboratively taught lessons.

This grant is geared to help facilitate the teacher’s work on a series of
unique strategies that will help students become more comfortable
with the vocabulary used on the Math test.
Art – ELA Challenge Grant:

stimulate the interaction between the disciplines of Art
and ELA.

Throughout history artists, writers and poets have
collaborated together on books and posters that mix
literature and art, text and image. This illustration is a  
detail of a lively collaboration between the poet Blaise
Cendars, (one of Henry Miller's favorite French poets),
and the painter Sonia Delaunay. We are requesting
proposals from Art and ELA teachers for projects that
would stimulate the interaction between the disciplines
of Art and ELA.

Note: Photography is also an option for example, the
collaboration between Langston Hughes and the
photographer Roy DeCarava.
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