The Pelican Foundation for Creative Education

Grants and Awards, 2015- 2016
Mini Grants and Awards 2015 - 2016
Project 1
1st Year Music Class, starter funds.
Music: What is Music? What is Rhythm
Project 2

Whiteboard Purchase;
A teacher wrote; I am excited
Project 3
Creation of a Painting Studio in the Art Room.
Project 4
Nifty Nook for Nomad Books;
In the science classroom,
Project 5
Honoring James Baldwin
; A teacher wrote,
Project 6
Salt Water Fish Tank
My students have created a saltwater tank
Project 7
The listening center will serve a great purpose
questions through the lens of World
Music. Practicing with the small hand the
actually hold an instrument, and play one,
something many have never done before!
rhythmic studies, allowing them to practice
different rhythms on the instruments, and
even create small ensembles with their
own composed rhythms. In addition, these
instruments will be discussed in World
Music; with the instruments they can play
different types of music and better
appreciate and understand it. This will
help immensely in their journeys as Music
Makers, opening the door to creativity and