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Grants and Awards, 2015- 2016
Mini Grants and Awards 2015 - 2016
Project 5
Honoring James Baldwin
; A teacher wrote,
Project 6
Salt Water Fish Tank
My students have created a saltwater tank
Project 7
Listening Center
The listening center will serve a great purpose
“My classroom hs turned into a hub of spirited
discussion. My students are enjoying our project,
'Honoring James Baldwin', whose written word is
transforming their lives, as it has mine. My student
read in pairs or groups of four and share their
experiences of the book they chose from the selection.
In-class reading involves silent sustained reading for to
a prompt, using evidence from the text to support their
claims. They share their writing with group members
and discuss the novel.”

Through the gift of these books, James Baldwin's spirit
has completely enveloped my classroom. My students
show a kind of reverence for this literary giant; they
enter the room quickly, take out their novels and begin
reading. I am overwhelmed by what follows: a complete
immersion in Baldwin's writing. According to one
student, "I cannot describe it... how can anyone write
like this?